A chart of monthly co-curricular competitions for 1 Std. to 10 Std – Session 2020-21

Sl. No Month I Std & II Std III Std &

 IV Std

V Std &

 VI Std

VII Std  &

  VIII Std

IX Std &

 X Std

1 June Solo Singing              (Devotional songs ) Solo Singing            (Folk songs ) Solo Singing              (Folk songs)


Skit Solo Singing              (Devotional songs)


2 July Greeting card making Quiz Quiz Solo Singing              (Patriotic song) Model making


3 August Model making


Skit Photo Frame making Quiz Skit
4 September Fancy Dress Greeting card making Model making


Model Making


Craft Work

(Flower bouquet)

5 November Quiz Model making


Skit Craft Work            (Vase making) Quiz