Co-curricular activities

Chart of monthly Co-curricular activities for the A.Y. 2020-21 PRE-KG, LKG and UKG
Sl.No. Month For Pre-KG For LKG For UKG
1. June Separating the Colour Beads Colouring the Picture Memory Game
2. July Colouring the Picture Story telling Story telling
3. August One Minute Game One Minute Game Shloka Chanting
4. September Rhymes with action Rhymes with action Mono Acting
5. November Story telling Spell Bee Spell Bee
6. December Fancy Dress Fancy Dress Fancy Dress
Chart of Monthly Co-curricular activities for the A.Y.2020-21, 1st Std to 10th Std
Sl. No Month I Std & II Std III Std & IV Std V Std & VI Std VII Std & VIII Std IX Std & X Std
1 June Solo Singing(Devotional songs ) Solo Singing (Folk songs ) Solo Singing(Folk songs) Skit Solo Singing(Devotional songs)
2 July Greeting card making Quiz Quiz Solo Singing(Patriotic song) Model making(SC/SS/Maths)
3 August Model making(EVS/Maths) Skit Photo Frame making Quiz Skit
4 September Fancy Dress Greeting card making Model making(GS/SS/Maths) Model Making(GS/SS/Maths) Craft Work(Flower bouquet)
5 November Quiz Model making(EVS/Maths) Skit Craft Work (Vase making) Quiz
Chart of Language Club Activities for the A.Y.2020-21
MONTH I & II Std III & IV Std V Std VI Std VII Std VIII Std IX Std X Std
JUNE(English) Story Telling Story Telling Story Telling Proverbs Proverbs Elocution Elocution Elocution
JULY (Kannada) Story Telling Poem Recitation Poem Recitation Proverbs Proverbs Debate Elocution(As per L2) Elocution (As per L2)
AUGUST (Hindi) Poem Recitation Proverbs Story Telling Dohe Dohe Elocution Debate (English) Essay (English)
September (English) Poem Recitation Poem Recitation Tongue Twister Tongue Twister Debate Debate Pick & Speak Pick & Speak
NOVEMBER (Kannada) Poem Recitation Story Telling Story Telling Pick & Speak Pick & Speak Elocution Debate(As per L2) Debate (As per L2)
DECEMBER (Hindi) Proverbs Pick & Speak Pick & Speak Pick & Speak Poet Introduction Poet Introduction Essay(English) Debate (English)