Resources and Facilities


Library plays a vital role in enhancing and enriching the knowledge of students of JSS Public School. We have a well-stocked library, which has books on all subjects related to the curriculum and beyond. The collection includes fictions and encyclopaedias too. In addition, the school subscribes to several leading newspapers and magazines. There is a separate reading hall and a reference section. The library is well furnished, spacious and well-ventilated.

There is also a digital section with computers, internet connection and a wide collection of digital resources.

Our library has 6,000 books in different subject, 20 National Magazines and CD’s DVD’s.

we have Built our own library automation software.

Health and welfare of students

JSS Public School gives utmost importance to the health of students and conducts periodical health checkups, which include general, dental and eye checkups. Guidance is provided to students on food habits and the importance of balanced nutrition. First aid kits are available on all floors. In case of medical exigencies, immediate attention is given and the ailing students are taken to the hospital if necessary.

Activity Hall

JSS Public School strives for the all round development of its students and an activity-oriented teaching has been made an integrated component of this effort. There is a dedicated activity hall where activities such as art, craft, music, dance, yoga & karate etc. are regularly conducted. Most group activities under CCE and CCA are conducted in the activity hall. This hall is also used for staff and parent-teacher meetings.


JSS Public School has a well-equipped auditorium with seating capacity for about 100 people. Cultural shows and other activities are held in this auditorium.


The classrooms are spacious, well-lit and well ventilated. They are also well-furnished with ample space for storing books of students. All classrooms have wall to wall bulletin boards, where the creations of the students are exhibited.

Kindergarten facilities

Children need to be nurtured with extreme care in order to ensure that their growth is fully supported. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that every facility is provided to the holistic growth of the children in a warm and gentle ambience. We have created a stimulating environment in KG classrooms. Colourful furniture has been provided in all KG classrooms to keep the atmosphere ebullient. Activities such as art, craft, music, dance, etc. are regularly conducted at the activity hall of KG students.


Computer Lab
JSS Public School has a well-equipped computer lab where students are taught the fundamentals of computers by qualified trainers. The lab has sophisticated computer systems with internet connection. Students are given introduction to computers and the computer curriculum is decided in accordance with the age and standard of students. All computers are networked and latest tools and software are made available to ensure that our students keep pace with the changing trends in information technology.

At JSS Public School, Chamarajanagara, we give stress to enhance the quality of teaching and learning through computers and make the learning process more meaningful.

Composite Science Lab
The school has a spacious and well-equipped composite science lab where physics, chemistry and biology practical classes are conducted on a regular basis to give students practical exposure, in addition to classroom teaching. The lab equipment are regularly updated according to the need.

Mathematics Laboratory
There is a spacious and well-equipped maths lab where students are encouraged to do independent and original thinking in regard to problem solving. At the lab, students are also encouraged to apply mathematics to solve real life problems, comprehend abstract concepts and to transform tricky abstract and impractical subjects into an interesting learning experience.

Audio-Visual Room

The school has a well-equipped audio-visual room where subject related AVs are regularly screened.

Sports Facilities

The school has a huge playground where amenities for playing sports such as cricket, basketball, volleyball, throw ball and football are provided. Expert coaches guide the students to hone their skills in various sports activities. The school also has facilities for indoor sports such as table tennis, carrom, chess, etc.