Academic Calender
    Important Information
    • Every Student should be in the school premises on time. Particular attention should be paid to wearing correct and prescribed dress, cleanliness and smart turn out.
    • Girls should use white ribbons/hair bands only.
    • Disciplinary action will be taken against late comers and improperly dressed students.
    • Children must not leave the school premises during class hours without prior permission of the Principal and the Class Teacher.
    • Parents/Guardians are requested not to disturb their child while classes are in session. In case of emergency, parents should come personally or send an authorized person with a request letter.
    • Application for leave during the last few days of any term or during examinations will not be entertained. In case of illness, students must produce a medical certificate.
    • Students or teachers are not allowed to distribute chocolates, sweets and gift articles in the school.
    Prepare your child for school. Help your child bloom
    • Parents should have a positive attitude towards school, teachers, education and learning.
    • Encourage your child to speak in English.
    • Help your child in finishing school work.
    • Familiarize your child with the books given from the school.
    • Encourage your child to participate in home activities such as dressing and undressing, arranging books, wearing tie and footwear, etc., and develop good eating habits.
    • Give importance to your child’s personal health and hygiene.
    • Encourage your child to read good books, newspapers, magazines, etc.
    • Make your child aware of her/his surroundings.
    • Suggest watching good educational programmes on television.
    • Encourage your child to explore and study by using five senses – Touch, Feel, Smell, See and Hear.
    School Motto

    Om! Lead me from untruth to Truth,
    from darkness to Light
    and from death to Immortality

    Guiding principle

    Coming together is a BEGINNING
    Keeping together is PROGRESS
    Going together is SUCCESS

    Tentative Time-Table for Assessments (From I Std to VII Std)

    First Term
    Formative Assessment I – First Week of July 2016
    Formative Assessment II – Third Week of August 2016.
    Summative Assessment I – Second Week of September 2016.

    Second Term
    Formative Assessment III – Second Week of December 2016.
    Formative Assessment IV – First Week of February 2017.
    Summative Assessment II – Second Week of March 2017