The school is committed to provide best-in-class education to its students. We practice trilingual education (three language formula) and prepare our students for the challenges of the future.


First Language: English

Second Language: For students of I to IV standard – Kannada/Hindi

For students of V to X standard – Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit

Third Language: for students of V (V to X) Hindi/Sanskrit

Core Subjects: Mathematics, Environmental Science, Social Science, Science & Technology

Work Experience/SUPW: Computer Education, Drawing and Painting, Home Science, Gardening, Electrical/ Electronics

Physical and Health Education: Recreational and competitive games and sports, track and field events, aerobics, yoga

Fine Arts: Music, Dance, Art & Craft

Life Skill Education (LSE): The modules designed under LSE aims at enhancing thinking, emotional and social skills.

Selection of textbooks: The textbooks are selected based on the content and presentation quality of a particular text book and keeping the best interest of our students.